Witch Cry Version 1.0.7 -New Update | Shiva and Kanzo Gameplay

Witch Cry new update Full Gameplay leke aaya hu..like, share and subscribe jarur karna….

-:- Download link

-:- Dk Dost Channel

-:- Dk Dost 2.0 (Second Channel)


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33 Responses to Witch Cry Version 1.0.7 -New Update | Shiva and Kanzo Gameplay

  1. Dk Dost says:

    Chudail hai.. ya Jadugarani..!?😂

  2. Iron Man game khelna kanjur

  3. My mother ❤😊

  4. BitesZaDust says:

    Nice 👍 thank you so very kind to

  5. BitesZaDust says:

    🎉 omg 😱 on horror games nice

  6. BitesZaDust says:

    Omg 1.0.7. 👍 me and I would like that

  7. Rahul paytm says:

    Shiva and kanjo face revel wale like karo 💫

  8. W😢😢😢

  9. Nep Dc says:

    God gampley my best friend is shiva & kanjo❤❤

  10. Exit gate ke paas Sidi ke niche

  11. I don't know were is crowbar I am seeing this game first time

  12. Let's vote for face reveal ❤

  13. Wary nice video dk dost

  14. Karabi Das says:

    are noobre wo chudail aye to box me chup ja na😂

  15. Vinod Kumar says:


  16. abhay king says:

    hard mode main which cry ko play karo

  17. 🤣😂😂😂😂🤣

  18. Sweta Suman says:

    हे स्पीक बहुत jada