What would happen to The Joker if Batman died?

​@AndrewsVisual explains everything you need to know about The Jokers life after Batman’s death.

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15 Responses to What would happen to The Joker if Batman died?

  1. Reign says:

    DMV Joker more powerful than any DC Character

  2. Royce julio says:

    No that was way more scary

  3. I AM BATMAN says:

    What did he do in the police dept?

  4. In an effort to destroy his enemy he also destroyed his own only 1 true purpose.
    The only 1 true malicious activity The Joker has ever done… work at the DMV. Truly diabolical.

  5. But we all know joker one fear will still always be the IRS

  6. Saucemeister says:

    Bro the fact working at a DMV is only One Step Down from terrorism💀

  7. Cory Clark says:

    I wish superhero powers were more consistent. Aint no way superman wouldnt see Joker standing there.

  8. MerfBlaster says:

    I feel like I’m the only person who had an okay DMV experience, it wasn’t that bad just annoying

  9. Raul Israel says:

    Name of the comic?😊

  10. Max Cullen says:

    Being a DMV worker might be more evil

  11. R H says:

    What's that clip of Jared Leto joker from?

  12. Sarah Akol says:

    Damn joker turned into a dmv worker 💀

  13. Nitro Zeus says:

    A dmv worker is true evil