Unpopular Opinion? I LIKED IT | First Time Watching *SUICIDE SQUAD* Extended Cut | Movie Reaction

Chaotic and I actually enjoyed it.

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43 Responses to Unpopular Opinion? I LIKED IT | First Time Watching *SUICIDE SQUAD* Extended Cut | Movie Reaction

  1. the Buck says:

    This movie was still good after the Studio destroyed it.

  2. Jamar Smith says:

    I Enjoyed this one just as much as the Other

  3. zero oh nine says:

    I'm glad you gave this movie a chance! I'll always have a soft spot for it, because it was the first DC movie I gained interest in from all the trailers way back when. Joker x Harley, Deadshot…even though this cut of the movie isn't what was originally intended…I still enjoy it for what it is. 🙂 If you're ever interested, there is a novelization of the film that combines elements from the movie we got, the director's original intention and the writer's own ideas. It's a more cohesive experience, and I think better than what the original cut was supposed to be.

  4. Java Jane says:

    I only have two tattoos: a ; butterfly on my left wrist and a scorpion on my right leg.

    My next will be a Dutch Doll on my right forearm.

  5. ChaosAC24 says:

    Great reaction! It’s not as bad as everyone makes it. It’s still enjoyable even though it has its flaws

  6. This movie is OVER HATED. I love it!! I understand why it's not the greatest DC movie. It has flaws. But it's definitely not as bad as people say.

  7. I still think it's not as horrible as people make it out to be. The storyline could use A LOT of work. The villain design could also use some work BUT the main characters designs are awesome. Harley was iconic af.

  8. Rizky Rivai says:

    BvS UE > SS > next stop WW then ZSJL

  9. Wait for wonder woman,justice league snyder cut,aquaman,shazam,the suicide squad and blac adam

  10. It's a pretty entertaining movie. Harley Quinn is definitely the best character, Margot Robbie is stunning.

  11. YuurSenpai says:

    Definitely underrated. The Suicide Squad era was one of the most fun times. This movie and the sound track. My brothers and I had so much fun during that time.

  12. sirkillian says:

    This is a great movie 🙂 The second one is ok.

  13. doorran says:

    Actually, I appreciate the fact that you don't have tattoos. They have become passe' .. everyone has them.. its more rare to find a really beautiful woman without them.

  14. What a fun movie! It's a popcorn flick that's meant to be enjoyed without over analyzing it. Great cast!

  15. Richard Dean says:

    U have to watch the new one. And as far as tattoos I've lost count.

  16. Not the best, but nothing wrong with liking it. Has it's cool moments, but the dialog near the end was cringe. "You… are EVIL!"

  17. From Sirius says:

    This movie is good for those who arent pretentious movie buffs

  18. Saint says:

    Man WB botched this movie. I don’t see the logic of hiring a trailer company to reshoot a full movie

  19. Kermit Cook says:

    How's my favorite wrinkly haired beauty? This movie is really not bad. I thought it was going to suck and then it didn't. Thanks for reminding me. ❤❤❤

  20. Top looks lilac in camera not pink . I'm probably colourblind

  21. If you’re going to watch Justice League, watch the Zack Snyder version. It is A LOT better than the Joss Whedon Version.

  22. Nice arms. Also never get tattoos, they never improve a human.

  23. Always love you Liala 🌹 And watching all your reactions gives me so much joy and very happy🥰🥰🥰

  24. Oh Liala 1st you are so beautiful in this video❤ I love your reaction to suicide squad and seems like your best reaction was Harley Quinn I really enjoyed your reaction to this movie I hope you watched the Harley quinn movie and the suicide squad 2 2021 !!!

  25. Mark G says:

    I can’t get tattoos until my grandma dies because should we decide to bury her rather than creamate her and scatter her ashes back in Irkutsk (in Russia by Lake Baykal) then I can’t have tattoos ever in order to be buried in the Jewish cemetery with her and my stepdad and likely my mom. Should we creamate her than my mom will not be buried either and then I can get whatever tattoos I want but it’s forbidden in Judaism to bury someone with tattoos.

  26. Panda man says:

    I liked it better than part2


  28. Chris says:

    Suicide Squad 2 is the good one.

  29. At least your brave enough to say it, I liked it too but no argument the James Gunn one is better, awesome video

  30. Gnossiene says:

    Feels important to note. An opinion cannot be popular. It’s subjective. I truth we don’t even know what is universally like because nobody cares anymore. It’s very fascinating

  31. futuramayeah says:

    Liala, i like the sequel, James Gunn from Guardians of the Galaxy made it

  32. futuramayeah says:

    Liala, i thought the Enchantress was sexy, i give the movie that

  33. futuramayeah says:

    Liala, i read an old dc comic book called Witchy Poo , and i don't know if that is who the Enchantress is or not

  34. futuramayeah says:

    Liala, i saw a theory video that said that it isn't the joker, that it's robin and that joker tortured/electrocuted him and now he thinks he's the joker

  35. I thought it was fun, too. 🙂

  36. Mike Brown says:

    Hi Liala, looking lovely in pink!🙂This film was pretty good, but James Gunn's "The Suicide Squad" (2021) is MUCH better. Harley Quinn does return in the sequel as well. Great reactions to your first Suicide Squad film, Liala!!!🎬👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

  37. I remember when this came out I was still smarting over how bad Batman v Superman was, but I heard the rumors that they wanted to MCU-ify this movie after the success of Captain America Civil War and I believe it. This was like xXx meets Guardians of the Galaxy and it was great. I remember this photo op of the DCEUs cast for the 2016 movies and they had BvS cast smiling nicely alongside the Suicide Squad but in the next photo, the Squad was posing triumphantly with fingers in the air. They were the better movie that year.

  38. Who recommended this movie oh my god.
    Margot she's perfect as Harley Quinn

  39. Just like you watched this before watching The Suicide Squad are you planning to watch the the original Justice League before eventually watching the Snyder Cut hopefully?

  40. I like this movie more than it probably deserves. The extended cut is a mixed bag — some of the additional stuff is good, some of it isn't, but none of it is essential. It's basically the same movie.

    If you think of this as the beginning of the Harley Trilogy, #2 (Birds of Prey) is better, and #3 (The Suicide Squad) is actually very good.