The Only Way You Should Add Blood To LEGO Minifigures #shorts

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45 Responses to The Only Way You Should Add Blood To LEGO Minifigures #shorts

  1. I think it’s too violent for Lego

  2. Or you don’t need to use it at all because I think it’s too violent and it makes a huge mess.

  3. Pizofsoda says:

    Personally i would make clear red slime

  4. I use red ink, as it washes off easily

  5. Too graphic make the blood white!

  6. Lego: we don't accept violence in our sets
    Lego after that video: well s**t

  7. DINOMAN1337 says:

    all i want is an adult lego film

  8. 17Denby says:

    Hey guys if you want too had a bullet wound use the Lego flower piece it looks so good also the curved 1 tiles look good under the minifig

  9. xmar says:

    No I’ve never wanted to do that

  10. Matt says:

    Y’all clowning him cuz legos are cartoonish as if it doesn’t look better in stop motion and Mocs, might jus be me tho

  11. Jiahao Xu says:

    Blood spill? Nah that’s going in my mouth

  12. You can also just use red DOTS. Gonna miss that LEGO line…

  13. OVERDOSE says:

    This about to ruin my nails even if i dont have one 💀

  14. I love kfc says:

    No td bricks is better🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄

  15. Neo says:

    only minifigure with blood is Starkiller

  16. i always wanted rasberry juice spillage on floor

  17. Bro its for kids 4 or 5 to 10 years old 😂 grow down mate

  18. Da_Man27 says:

    Uhh… No? I don't think I've had this problem. Like, ever.

  19. Lol idk says:

    People trying to put blood on Lego are the same kind of people who dip ice cream in Ranch

  20. andrew says:

    Oh no!

    My lego sets are too unrealistic, whatever should I do? Oh I know!

    adds a custom piece

    Oh wow! So realistic! (The set being the Millennium falcon)

  21. Or we can just use Play-Doh Red Play-Doh or if they’re aliens green Play-Doh

  22. Bruh you can’t judge cus your too cartoony

  23. POV: you tried to get rid of that piece
    (it will be so annoying 😭)

  24. TNTz1oo says:

    All fun and games till you have to remove that piece

  25. toilet says:

    Just use ketchup after you done making its wash is

  26. Why do that when you can use nose blood, is free, and easy to clean up

  27. LEGO after making that Piece: 📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈

  28. Thekraken808 says:

    Yay now I can complete William aftons death scene 😂

  29. Cartoony he said. 😂lol

  30. _Fhishty says:

    The feet be hurted from that blood stain

  31. But what about putting blood on your mini figures but don’t wanna stain it with play dough fake blood or paint

  32. useing made up legos is cheating

  33. Irving says:

    You could use play dough

  34. Nah, I will continue using clay