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Injustice Harley.


0:00 – Harley and me
0:15 – harley knows
0:48 – opening thy heart
2:20 – emancipation from jerker
4:18 – injustice 2
5:43 – world peace
6:41 – credits and message

|| mystery song of the day ||
Don’t go running away
This is a ’50s love song
Won’t you stay?
This ivy won’t last too long
Daylight’s passing by my eyes
Some distraction, just save yourself from him
Baby will you dance with me?
I’ll take you to the floor
Tell me something I would know
I’m begging you for more
Wait there, I’ll be back before you’re gone
There’s no need to wait for me
I’ll be there for your touch
Just to turn me into someone you could learn to love
It’s what we’re headed for, darling
I’m sticking to my ways
Don’t ask me why (why?)
I’ll tell you another day

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