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Batman: Arkham Knight Part 2 – DLC & Side Missions – Retrospective Review

This video is Part 2 of my Batman: Arkham Knight retrospective series, and focuses on all the additional content outside of the main story. More specifically, all the side missions, DLC stories, challenges, skins, etc. I was surprised at how many hidden secrets, easter eggs, and missable details were included in each of these pieces of additional content, many of which I had missed on my first couple playthroughs. So it was a lot of fun to explore this game once again, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I have 🙂

Always Nerdy is a Youtube channel dedicated to all things nerdy, with a focus on comic book game retrospectives for both DC and Marvel. I’m always open to suggestions for games you’d like to see covered, and I hope to eventually cover them all.

Editing by Estienne Bruwer

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00:00 – Intro
01:15 – Side Missions
36:25 – DLC Side Missions
47:36 – Batgirl DLC
01:09:23 – Arkham Episodes
01:33:09 – Batmobiles
01:42:55 – Alternate Outfits
01:49:15 – Challenge Mode & Gameplay
02:02:23 – Open World Easter Eggs
02:08:19 – Sound Design
02:17:32 – Conclusion

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