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Villains such as Firefly added to the chaos with massive waves of riots, crime, and destruction, while Riddler abducted Catwoman and held her hostage at the Cyrus Pinkney Orphanage to force Batman into his mind games and death traps. While a normal dosage of Crane’s fear toxin had no effect on Joker’s mind, the more lethal dose, that was directly injected into Batman’s veins, made it impossible for even the Clown Prince of Crime to withstand its effects. With his plans in order,   encanto costumes  Scarecrow and his men murdered several of the Ace Chemicals workers and a team of GCPD Officers that were dispatched to secure the facility, while keeping a handful as hostages to use as collateral, and situated himself within the central mixing chamber to prepare his toxin as the Arkham Knight’s forces rigged the factory to blow in order to unleash the toxin into the atmosphere. With the Arkham Knight’s immense militia, Scarecrow took complete control of the city and used his men, tanks, and helicopters to patrol the streets. Meanwhile, the Arkham Knight’s forces continued to build up their army by constructing more tanks and equipment in underground tunnels, received advanced military-grade weaponry from the Penguin’s Henchmen from stockpiles in Bludhaven that were smuggled into the city, and deployed explosives that became imbued within the streets of the city themselves to serve as deterrents from outside intervention.

With the entire criminal underworld under his control, the Arkham Knight and his massive army at his beck and call, and two years of careful planning and preparation under his belt, Scarecrow was more than prepared to give Batman the fight of his life on one more, jared leto joker costume final night of horror for the whole of Gotham City and beyond. To strike at the heart of Batman’s immense funding and equipment, the Arkham Knight sent Thomas Elliot, known as Hush, who worked with the commander for years in order to replicate an identical face to Bruce Wayne through murder and experimentation before and during the events of Arkham City, to attack Wayne Tower and Lucius Fox. First, you need to buy this Arkham Knight Wig for your costume, joker harley quinn costume it is not compulsory you can make two ponytails into your own hair as well. Google Trends has released a special site for the occasion, called Frightgeist, where you can search for the most popular Halloween costumes nationally and locally.

With everything in place, Scarecrow finally initiated his plans on Halloween Night by causing a mass evacuation of the city under the threat of his new strain of fear toxin being explosively unleashed through a massive chemical weapon that was hidden somewhere in Gotham. As Batman infiltrated the factory, the hero learned that Scarecrow had ordered the evacuation of the city in order to seize complete control over the factory, as it was the only location within Gotham that had the resources to produce enough of his toxin. Seizing control of the facilities within the Ace Chemicals Factory, Scarecrow called in for additional weapons, trucks, soldiers, and hazardous materials to make enough fear toxin to cover the entire east coast, which would eventually create a chain reaction that would cover the entire nation bit by bit, and ensure that the city was under his surveillance until he was ready to bring similar destruction to the rest of the world. Batman was able to easily subdue all of the militia, rescued the hostage, activated the micro tower, and used it to pinpoint Crane’s location at the Ace Chemicals Factory. Despite the dire circumstances, Batman was able to escape the factory just as the bomb went off and completely destroyed Ace Chemicals.

Proclaiming to Batman himself through the city’s electronic billboards that his years of protecting Gotham had meant nothing, Scarecrow stated his intentions to completely destroy Gotham and take everything and everybody that Batman held dear and leave his legacy in tatters. Adding insult to injury, Lucius, after he escaped from Hush’s grasp, smashed a glass vase into Elliot’s face, which disfigured the new face that he spent years perfecting and was then smashed through Wayne’s desk by Batman, and knocked the villain out cold to be arrested after the night’s events. Fortunately, Batman was able to subdue Scarecrow’s men and confronted him, though the villain maintained that everything was going perfectly to plan. To that end, Batman eventually learned from Penguin that Scarecrow had worked with Simon Stagg to perfect his deadly toxin and had viciously tested it out on hundreds of abducted victims, including Stagg’s previous business partner, Alex Sartorius, when he attempted to expose the illegal operation. After he murdered dozens upon dozens of Stagg’s employees, Scarecrow seized control of the Zeppelins and perfected the Cloudburst himself.

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