Injustice Harley.


0:00 – Harley and me
0:15 – harley knows
0:48 – opening thy heart
2:20 – emancipation from jerker
4:18 – injustice 2
5:43 – world peace
6:41 – credits and message

|| mystery song of the day ||
Don’t go running away
This is a ’50s love song
Won’t you stay?
This ivy won’t last too long
Daylight’s passing by my eyes
Some distraction, just save yourself from him
Baby will you dance with me?
I’ll take you to the floor
Tell me something I would know
I’m begging you for more
Wait there, I’ll be back before you’re gone
There’s no need to wait for me
I’ll be there for your touch
Just to turn me into someone you could learn to love
It’s what we’re headed for, darling
I’m sticking to my ways
Don’t ask me why (why?)
I’ll tell you another day

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33 Responses to Injustice Harley.

  1. A. A says:

    Harley and Ivy need to get married in mainline comics

  2. I would ask you to make a vid on injustice Joker but it would only take like 2 minutes

  3. DC gonna DC I guess. We can't have nice things, character growth, permanent meaningful change in characters' lives. sigh

    I liked Harley in DCAU. I hated her in the comics. Then Injustice, great! And then the more recent animation just makes her a parody of who she could've been, even who she was.

  4. Will Lauzon says:

    You forgot the one where she tried to nail an underage boy

  5. Fallen-Saint says:

    ah….the writing of netherrealm studios
    >crazy girl who thinks she can change him
    >she can't
    >crazy girl is also a lesbian
    LOL The jokes always wright them self's

  6. Harleen is basically joker, but like 25% of it

    That's why I like her as the character, and other things 😳

  7. Wolfpack says:

    Anyone else glad Harley left Joker for Ivy?

  8. Dr. V says:

    There is no question that the best part of this video was Lex blasting Joker in slomo.

  9. why the fuck did this video give me goosebumps

  10. M Kessler says:

    God I hated this Harley. How anyone can think a character should be allowed to aid in the killing millions of people, not to mention the direct murder of people like Jimmy, and be allowed to be treated as anything other than a stain on society is beyond me. No amount of blood, sweat, or tears can ever make up for what she did and she deserves to be locked up right next to Injustice Superman.

    I'd honestly say Injustice Superman is a morally better person than Injustice Harley, because his atrocities were at least done with the intention of helping and protecting others even if it was so thoroughly twisted, and not for any sort of sick enjoyment or to please some psychopath. God I hated how much Harley got away with in Injustice

  11. Chris Julien says:

    Christ bless you, this rocks man

  12. Susan Storm says:

    Injustice Harley ftw 🙌🏾

  13. Joamori says:

    so the injustice 2 game story was done… BECAUSE YES????

  14. ConR says:

    Yes. Fucking fantastic intro.

  15. Anyone who kills Oliver Queen deserves torture

  16. Some thing did indeed change his mind

  17. What's the song that plays at the credits. It annoys me that I can't find it.

  18. I Am awesome says:

    I wonder what would have happened if say someone like Conner Kent or something was in metropolis and heard the bomb got there and disarmed it so even if Superman killed Lois, metropolis wouldn’t explode.

  19. Josue PF says:

    Injustice Harley>>>other versions

  20. Hirens says:

    Love your videos man!
    This one offered me a new perspective on Harley.

  21. stan loona says:

    bro had me tearing up

  22. Foodyquest says:

    That's cute. She still helped kill 11 million people and should be 12 feet under though.

  23. Stone Kidman says:

    Thought this was the animated injustice movie Harley because she’s completely superfluous to the plot in that

  24. Lord manbat1 says:

    if you like Harley Quinn after the injustice comics, you will love her in "Batman: White Knight"

  25. Link says:

    You forgot the shit she did with Shazam. That was really annoying to me, honestly.

  26. they should have killed or locked her in injustice

  27. NightwingTRP says:

    This reminds me why I don't particularly care for Injustice… I don't get why it's got the following it has…

  28. Tigerkaya says:

    I wish Harley Quinn in the Injustice universe was dead. I hate her she got off far too easily.

    I'm glad the Kent's hate her too.

  29. Weirdly enough, a lot of people really hate Harley for role in turning Superman evil and "getting away with it".

  30. MCA says:

    I also generally don't care for main universe harley, however the Harley Quinn from the White Knight universe is beyond phenomenal

  31. Victory….oh..ok the game …dang but for the comics VICTORY!

  32. Otaku Gamer says:

    The entire time of this video made me cry
    Man she Deserves a Better life
    And ya she is crazy in may ways
    But she is amazing in injustice
    Like more then any other hero or villain was

  33. Thisdude909 says:

    What's the name of the song at the end