How Is Arkham Batman Still Alive?

In this video, Sid reveals how The Arkham Batman is still alive in Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League!

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If you actually read this far I Love You 3000


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24 Responses to How Is Arkham Batman Still Alive?

  1. DoomBlazer says:

    Also because he is Batman

  2. Adam says:

    This is gonna be a hard hard boss 😅

  3. Hyper BOI says:

    I like the idea of Batman being the villain, especially Arkham Batman as he’s an absolute menace. But I agree that I don’t think we should kill him in this game. He’s taken down Harley easily multiple times. I wouldn’t say dead shot is much stronger, if at all stronger than deathstroke, and killer croc is much more menacing and fearsome than that shark dude (already forgot his name). If Batman can take all of them on easily there shouldn’t be any way he gets taken down here. Same could be said for the rest of the Justice league though so I’m hoping they didn’t just make this Arkham Batman for shock value. Dude needs a good ending after all he’s been through.

  4. Kun Aguero says:

    Kevin Conroy is the real Batman the greatest Batman and the only Batman

  5. lil low H says:

    Arkham knight has a lot of things to use and work with from the previous games. Suicide squad is assuming my made from scratch.

  6. I hope they cancel this game

  7. literally,me says:

    Bro forgot Arkham Knight is 8 YEARS OLD, and on the engine of the first gears of wars

  8. Troy Bracy says:

    I disagree the graphics for Kill the justice league looks better

  9. Idiots really think Bruce would off himself just bc ppl know he’s Batman are clowns

  10. 84ever Fan says:

    Maybe because they didn't fucking think about it, quit doing their work for them cuck

  11. You’re wrong it because he heard that there was some minors that needed to get beat up for stealing alcohol

  12. If Bruce Wayne is dead who did he pass his legacy on to ? because think about this before dying I'm sure Bruce would seek another to carry on fighting against all criminals in Gotham City so I'm curious to know who the new Batman will be .
    or how about this a Batman from another earth gets transported to this world so that other Bruce will continue on here .

  13. Curse Drax says:

    Tou couldn't kill Batman anyway

  14. seth Call says:

    I think the animated series Batman and the Arkham Batman are the same batman

  15. it isnt confirmed if it was actually bruce that was using the fear toxin. it could be grayson, tim drake, jason todd, or even azrael

  16. Dude
    I tried my best not to get any spoilers for Arkham knight, BATMAN DIES ?!?!?
    just why, why did I press this. . .

  17. If they ruin Kevin Conroy’s legacy, we boycott.

  18. I still don’t understand how this game takes place in the Arkham verse. How did deadshot change his skin color?? Why does Harley look so different? Didn’t king shark die in that Arkham movie that was linked to the Arkham verse? And after everything that happens after Arkham knight why is Batman killing people?? Especially cops!! I’m guessing he’s brainwashed or something but still???

  19. Because it was teargas

  20. MisterTbone says:

    The reason Arkham knight looks so good is because its a single player game. The game only has to load textures when the player is up close.

  21. Whats worse is that the whole point of the suicide game is to literally kill the justice league

  22. G says:

    So sad this is the last time we’ll ever see this character.