Harley Quinn & Joker love!! #Shorts

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This is from our full video Harley Quinn, Joker & Batman’s Night On The Town!! | Epic Real Life DC Superhero Movie #HarleyQuinn #Joker #Batman #Prank #DC #Superhero #DCSuperhero #RealLife #IRL #MELF #MakeEmLaughFilms

Harley Quinn, Joker and Batman have an outrageously fun night out! Enjoy the shenanigans! Subscribe, enable all push notifications, share the video and comment your favorite parts to be eligible for a shoutout in the next video!!

Deanna as Harley Quinn: instagram.com/wonder_woman_deanna_cosplay
Larry as Joker: &
Sean Ward as Joker: instagram.com/seanward & instagram.com/og.teamsuperfunny
Jason as Batman: instagram.com/melf_studios

This video was filmed in collaboration with Team Super Funny: & instagram.com/og.teamsuperfunny

Directed by Sean Ward
Filmed by Sean Ward, Deanna and Jason
Video edited by That Joker Guy: & & &

The Batman grapnel gun was sponsored by Entertainment Earth! Use this link to get 10% off of in-stock items and free shipping on orders $39+

Robbery scene filmed at OT Vapors:

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