Harley Quinn Becomes A “Good Guy”

Harley Quinn Becomes One Of The “Good Guys” #batman #injustice #shorts #harleyquinn #injustice2

In this video I recorded and edited, I showcase a cutscene where Harley Quinn joins the fight against the regime in Injustice 2 after the death of Joker.

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39 Responses to Harley Quinn Becomes A “Good Guy”

  1. Leenadrawz says:

    Just saying


  2. E-pearl M says:

    Gosh I really like Bruce uwu

  3. I love Harley and Canary’s friendship.🩷

  4. I really hate Harley's face in this it's too ugh

  5. What that’s a guy she is a good guy my life have been a lie

    It ain’t a lie when you didn’t ask questions and believe it as it was

    I know she is a female and good guy is for both genders wait

  6. When I saw first saw her, I’m saying, Oh No

    But then She hugged Black Canary and acting like she’s part of the team, I’m like Wait… What?

  7. Brother eye in the comics does not go well at all

  8. Jules King says:

    Harley hugging Dinah reminded me of that fucking heart wrenching moment in one comic when Harley finds out Dinah’s pregnant and stops fighting her and they just sit down and chill. Then Harley tells the most tragic story about getting pregnant by the Joker and keeping it a secret

    iirc she goes out of town for months, has her kid, adopts the kid out to a safe, normal family, and then returns to the Joker after being missing for months. And the Joker “pretended” he hadn’t even noticed she was gone. The wording might’ve been different but it was such a sad scene and I don’t think Dinah and her fought much after that

  9. Cg_stax says:

    Damn she can have my ph-D

  10. Vollce says:

    God could she have more annoying voice.

  11. Omg Harley Quinn is on the good side yay

  12. Bruce once said that a female hero is bangen oh yeah that really happened .

  13. Xorious says:

    Why does the first guy in the video sound like Justin Trudeau

  14. blaise russo says:

    I hate how everyone just overlooks how Harley partly caused the events of a injustice

  15. Pentefix3000 says:

    I am the type to go ape shit just to hug Harley in a way that is considered normal to her.

  16. Aaron Guzman says:

    Harley Quinn is now a gud gal.

  17. TJZ says:

    Don’t you mean anti hero?

  18. Lee Ray J says:

    I have a PhD in Kateology – Positivity Studies

  19. I really like harley on the good team more than being a villan.

  20. Sometimes one forgets Harley is certified in these streets.

  21. prod. kilvk says:

    Harley Quinn seems like that one mutual friend of a married couple and makes third wheeling not awkward.

  22. Brother eye got hacked immediately

  23. Musical_Lolu says:

    I thought she was an MD, not a PhD.

  24. Hydra lyrics says:

    I’m glad that Batman prepared a plan in case of Superman ever went nuts

  25. wait, become a good WHAT?!!

  26. I like how villains and heros basically all know each other's identities and relationships 🤣🤣 feels like they're all in a club and just on different sides of the same coin

  27. Harley is so beautiful omg

  28. Bruce like I finally did it I mean I had to tie her up spank her and use all my rizz but she’s reformed!*puts hands on knees* god I’m so tired

  29. Batman's final 'fuck you' to the Joker is recruiting his girlfriend into the Bat Family.

  30. Bruce really couldn't hire anyone other than Harley. Excellent.

  31. Ellis Hugh says:

    The backstory between Harley and Canary is actually pretty great, especially the 'bonding' moment when Harley tells her about her pregnancy.

  32. Harley Quinn is drop-dead gorgeous 🥰🥰🥰!!!