drone catches EVIL Wednesday Addams at haunted park (we found her!)

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Music by Filip Olejka:

*DISCLAIMER*: Please DO NOT attempt to recreate any of the content in this video, All people featured in this video are adults and anything you watch here is done in a controlled and safe environment to serve a viewers entertainment purpose.

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18 Responses to drone catches EVIL Wednesday Addams at haunted park (we found her!)

  1. I love you evil Wednesday stop!

  2. Stromedy my. Name. is. Jayden. big s is gonna send you the same thing with me for what you have to say hello and yes I'll be home by then I'll be home about it I need to get to work and I have a doctor's appt 😮tomorrow at home I'm in the bathroom for me and I have to go back to the clinic with my mom 😊

  3. I wish I could be in the chamonix squad

  4. Miggy Migz says:

    sayang hirap no😢😢😢

  5. Thanks and she’s my girlfriend

  6. omg the evil wednesday😈😈😈😈

  7. Fatih Yilmaz says:

    When I’m 16 I am going to get the Murch