Did you know that in Batman Arkham Knight…

This rooftop in Batman Arkham Knight has multiple secrets you might have missed!

Are you a fan of the Batman Arkham Series? Well my channel, Knerdd, is almost completely dedicated to Batman Arkham videos. From Arkham tips, to challenges, to uncovering secrets, my channel has it all. Go check out some of my other videos!

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The Batman Arkham series is home to many different secrets. This series of mine focuses on uncovering hidden mechanics or attacks within the Arkham series that you might not have known about, so subscribe to not miss future videos like these and check out my channel for more secrets I’ve already uncovered!

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32 Responses to Did you know that in Batman Arkham Knight…

  1. Knerdd says:

    Not the most helpful/interesting things in the world but people keep telling me my other Arkham secrets aren't "hidden" enough so hopefully you enjoy the more obscure stuff!

  2. Jacket says:

    That graffiti has always been on of my favorite things in arkham knight it's cool as hell

  3. Esac says:

    The graffiti is on a few other rooftops as well

  4. Is ester Easter egg court of owls?

  5. Arkham Knight is an absolute masterpiece

  6. That graffiti batman is pretty creepy for real. Ive seen versions with red or demon like eyes and other similar variants

  7. I think I fell in there one time by accident a few years back

  8. MB says:

    you can glitch through the map in the lazarus pit

  9. “Multiple secrets”
    *shows a glitch, some art and literally part of the game with the side mission. Not really multiple secrets is it? Christ ppl will really make anything into a short huh?

  10. They fear batman yet the crime rate of Gotham is still higher than a guy who consumed 100 pounds of cocaine.

  11. very interesting discovery .

  12. Doug Michael says:

    How did I know you’d end up showing a glitch in the game?

  13. Sadman Khan says:

    Batman is the worst nightmare for all the criminals

  14. I saw the graffiti multiple times

  15. Black Hawk says:

    They ain't making games like this no more

  16. Spiderman had to copy these treasures.

  17. Batman says:

    The graffiti is in a couple places actually, you just gotta look close

  18. fadedclown says:

    There's alot of details like if u look at the trash on the floor u will see a headline on a newspaper of a bank robbery

  19. Cool but knerdd the glitch didnt work

  20. Billy Harris says:

    Nice video, but I think "multiple secrets" is a bit misleading. There's one secret, plus a glitch and part of a side quest. Still really interesting though.

  21. I've been a fan for a while but you deserve way more subs

  22. The fact the Gotham knight flopped so bad that players when back to Arkham is hilarious to me 😂

  23. IAMBatman says:

    Yea, I thought my game broke when I fell through the roof by accident. Lmao

  24. Stefano says:

    Didn’t know Banksy loved doing Batman graffiti while crossing to different fictional universes and leaving his mark behind.

    Y’all probably don’t know who I am talking about but if you do then congratulations.

  25. Mata Nui says:

    Seems more like a glitch than anything.

  26. Zematic _ says:

    I was stuck on that bulding for 10 min thinking it was on the top

  27. Wertyber says:

    the graffiti is too accurate

  28. The Batman says:

    I'm honestly curious of the glitch wouldn't they have fixed it by now 😅