Did You Know That in Batman Arkham Asylum?

Did you know that in Batman Arkham Asylum #harleyquinn #batman #shorts #arkhamasylum

In this video I recorded and edited, I give out a bit of funny trivia about the behind the scenes on Arkham Asylum.

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22 Responses to Did You Know That in Batman Arkham Asylum?

  1. Niko Lion says:

    Harley Quinn is so hot!♥️♥️

  2. What is with that Arkham asylum logo? Why is it the dark knight Batman logo with Asylum’s style?

  3. Hello there says:

    Anyone else think Harley was one of those 👾🔥💯💫🌛🌜🌚🌞☠️🌞💨💀👁️👄👁️👍🐖🐦🦉side NPCs

  4. Mr. Variant says:

    Title sucks just like the spinning camera. Mo cap guy can act. I believe power rangers had a male stunt double for one of the female rangers.

  5. They even referenced this in a thug voiceline

  6. Jawan B says:

    Well that destroyed my boner.

  7. Smash. Harley’s pretty hot also

  8. Well the other games were done by women so no diff to me fam.

  9. Obamalobe124 says:

    But in the video games it's still a girl

  10. manbex says:

    The good old Power Rangers trick

  11. MizuRay says:

    " F " in the chat

  12. Joehur Ovee says:

    oh lord so u telling me i was attracted to a dudes movements in a video game??

  13. Zoom says:

    😨now hear me out

  14. So that's why that thug in arkham city heard a rumor that Harley used to be a dude