BATMAN: ASSAULT ON ARKHAM (2014) MOVIE REACTION! First Time Watching! DC Animated | Arkhamverse

SO. MUCH. FUN!! Alongside James Gunn’s DCU announcement (including WALLER series & even more Suicide Squad / Peacemaker appearances), we are stepping into the Arkhamverse as Amanda Waller sends Task Force X into the world of the Batman Arkham Asylum video games to neutralize The Riddler (Matthew Gray Gubler). Featuring Joker, Deadshot, Harley Quinn, King Shark, Captain Boomerang, Black Spider (Giancarlo Esposito), Penguin, and Kevin Conroy as Batman along with tons more Batman Rogues!
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1:16 – Batman Assault on Arkham Reaction
45:33 – Batman Assault on Arkham Review

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27 Responses to BATMAN: ASSAULT ON ARKHAM (2014) MOVIE REACTION! First Time Watching! DC Animated | Arkhamverse

  1. It is very interesting to see your joint reaction to the films Batman Unlimited: Animal Instincts and Batman Unlimited: Monster Mayhem. These are cool movies 👍👍👍

  2. Actually Guys someone else mentioned it as well but Joker was voiced by Try baker, not Mark Hamill.

  3. Yeah Gunn DID say he wanted to find a way to link all the mediums together somehow. Which means that HIS DCU has likely already started and we just have to figure out where. I mean superman isn't for a couple of years yet.

  4. For someone who is supposed to be almost unequaled in intelligence, Riddler is a fairly average dumbass. lol.

  5. When Harley yells out "I'm OKAY!! I fell on my head!!" I was laughing for over 30 minutes. When I think of the actresses that have portrayed her both Live AND in voice I realize it's more difficult to get her accurate than I thought. Other than the OG Arleen Sorkin, THIS actress gets Harley the best. I mean Kaley Kuoco does a passible job for the setting of her show, but she's a very different type of Harley.

  6. Slade Wilson says:

    I maintain that Arkham Origins is underrated 😂 the way Batman knocked out Electrocutioner is a classic!

  7. Slade Wilson says:

    Would love to see Harley and Juliet Starling cross over ❤, or Mad Moxxi… oof

  8. Slade Wilson says:

    The things you can pick a lock with in movies keep getting more ridiculous😂😂 you can pick it with a paper clip because it has 2 ends, you need one lever and one for pressure. Wtf you gonna do with a pencil?😂

  9. Something about how Baker does the Joker for this movie reminds me of Dustin Hoffman as Captain Hook.

  10. Aydin Biber says:

    Hot take: when Joker fires a bullet into the air to check if he still has any, he did it on purpose because losing like that would be funnier than if Lawton was just quicker than him.

  11. Mark Hamill voice Joker in every Arkham game except origins that's Troy Baker.

  12. Gunn is gonna do great things for DC

  13. Agent 67z3 says:

    I'm mad they didn't do a scene where Batman grabs a random guy "Riddler- Talk!"
    "That's all I know!"
    "Much Obliged" KOs him

  14. Can you guys do justice league dark apocalypse war

  15. Shafer Hilke says:

    Troy baker voices the joker in Arkham Origins, mark hamill voices joker in Asylum, City and Knight.

  16. This was the best Movie to come out if DC . Am really not a fan of DC but this one was a solid.

  17. please do batman ninja it is really unique and differnet

  18. Spawn: attraction of Ravencroft (Marvel animated movie)

  19. Alex Hunter says:

    you should watch Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker. It's the best!

  20. Youcef Tobi says:

    This movie is a masterpiece

  21. Vikram B says:

    There was another suicide squad animated movie called hell to pay, idk when in the order it comes but you might consider checking it out

  22. MR Dot1 says:

    its sad that DC animated movies are for grown ups, and live action movies with real people are "family friendly"

  23. MR Dot1 says:

    this is the Tone i want from Comic-book live action movies, not the pg, shit marvel does, i understand that every day Joes, love that shit, but i hink a more realisctik ( i mean blood, gore, and behavior, would be better)…