Batman: Arkham Knight Part 2 – DLC & Side Missions – Retrospective Review

This video is Part 2 of my Batman: Arkham Knight retrospective series, and focuses on all the additional content outside of the main story. More specifically, all the side missions, DLC stories, challenges, skins, etc. I was surprised at how many hidden secrets, easter eggs, and missable details were included in each of these pieces of additional content, many of which I had missed on my first couple playthroughs. So it was a lot of fun to explore this game once again, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I have 🙂

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Editing by Estienne Bruwer

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00:00 – Intro
01:15 – Side Missions
36:25 – DLC Side Missions
47:36 – Batgirl DLC
01:09:23 – Arkham Episodes
01:33:09 – Batmobiles
01:42:55 – Alternate Outfits
01:49:15 – Challenge Mode & Gameplay
02:02:23 – Open World Easter Eggs
02:08:19 – Sound Design
02:17:32 – Conclusion

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18 Responses to Batman: Arkham Knight Part 2 – DLC & Side Missions – Retrospective Review

  1. Dorraj says:

    So glad people are now taking this game seriously. I have like 5 separate saves with this game over the years I played it, on PC. I played it at launch and didn't have as bad of issues with it, but it was definitely enough to detract my enjoyment with it, especially the constant crashing once I got to the third island. So I took a break for a year or so for them to fix it up, and they did and I restarted to complete it. It's nice to see all my old saves and how I just keep going back to AK over the others. I recently tried to replay Asylum, and as much as I loved that game way back then, it feels so backwards compared to AK.

    These games really do get better as they go on. Rocksteady seriously just kept refining this amazing formula, and I think a Trilogy with a fantastic end to it all was an amazing way to finish it all. I absolutely agree with the 10/10 rating here.

  2. Was the music that played when Batman kissed catwoman part of the game soundtrack cause iirc nothing plays during that scene

    Can you link the background music

  3. Funny guy says:

    you just got man bated, share this video with all your freinds

  4. I love this video… but saying that John Noble was most famously known from shows like Sleepy Hollow and NOT The Lord of the Rings was a shock 😂

  5. My main problem with the batgirl dlc is just Tim Drake Robin being there, in asylum joker mentions that he is without a Robin so it makes no sense for Tim to be Robin before asylum

  6. Chris Ahearn says:

    I feel like it was a missed opportunity to not have Ryder turn into the creeper and knock Blackfire out. They mention it a few times in the other games and they don't do anything with it.

  7. Hey do you think two-face is named two-face because he's got two faces or..?

  8. Tuff Emily says:

    Thank you for the tribute to Conroy. His batman has always meant a lot to me and his passing was incredibly sad. He so effortlessly captured both Bruce and batman throughout his career in a way I feel no other performer has reached and I'm glad he will be forever well remembered by the fans.

  9. Sgt Johnson says:

    After playing the game I can say that Batman beyond suit is my favorite but default suit is also pretty good.

  10. Case Parrott says:

    Bro A Azrael level would've been so cool for him especially taking down the order where you have to fight their strongest fighters then at the end you take them down and the gcpd tslk to you about being the new protector and it ends i feel that would've been very cool to do

  11. Honestly no Red Robin outfit like city is sad

  12. Batgirl being a kicker is funny

  13. Spyjack says:

    I’d love it if some of the boss fights from previous games were playable in the A.R. challenges. it would be cool to Arkham city mr freeze as someone like red hood

  14. Spyjack says:

    Something that bugs me about the red hood dlc is that his face has basically no animation they could at least have his jaw move to see how his mask has fused to his face

  15. You can find Constantine's shop in Dresher; Nightwing saying the guys were tractable reminded me of young justice(whelmed, turbed); Pyg throws cleavers not butcher's knives.

  16. BluMan says:

    A 10/10 literally does mean flawless
    This game is a 9/10

  17. Logan says:

    W video as always