3 Demon Slayer Facts You (Maybe) Didn’t Know!

I cover three demon slayer facts most of you (probably) don’t know.

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25 Responses to 3 Demon Slayer Facts You (Maybe) Didn’t Know!

  1. IMOTO says:

    full video now out on my channel!

  2. #$Dwayne$# says:

    “The doctor never seen again" he got killed by muzan and muzan might have regretted that move

  3. third fact: “the reason demons cant walk in the sun is dumb” proceeds to not say the reason

  4. Huge Menace says:

    Pretty sure people know at least 2 of these because I knew all 3

  5. HayHay😎 says:

    Did u know that when you
    …read more

  6. wdym he was never seen again bruh. muzan killed the doctor when he was still a human by stabbing his head woth a sharp long knife because doctor said the drug would make him live longer than he had to. so muzan did drink a drug and nothing happebed as he expected. so he killed doctor because he thought that the doctor was a liar. when he already had him oofed in some days he really became stronger and the abilitys of demons. when he put his finger on the sun it burned almost so he started searching for blue spider lily

  7. Zozo Kie says:

    bro me know all dis

  8. Your Muzan backstory is not completely correct

  9. Fire Berry says:

    I mean im 16 and i am ok with it

  10. xepex says:

    "definitely didn't know"
    I knew all of them.

  11. Bruh I knew all of them

  12. Topaz Bright says:

    Muzan didn’t kill his doctor bc he was a demon, Muzan killed the doctor due to the fact that he thought the drug didn’t work(which it did) and bc of that, Muzan never finished his treatment, and never conquered the sun.

  13. "difeneitely didnt know"

    Just read demon slayer Manga, bruh.

  14. Gol D Roger says:

    fun fact : 78% of the demon Slayer fans know these facts 💀

    and yeah ep 11 had shown muzans backstory little bit

  15. The reason why in the manga he keeled his docter was could have cured him

  16. Muzan wasn't turned into a demon but it turned him into a supernatural strong human being but he started consuming humans and thag him the demon he is now

  17. Kain Fallen says:

    Actually muzan took the m the medicine after he killed the doctor because he believed the meds didnt it work and then he took it when it was drenched in the doctors blood after he you kniw stabed him in the head and then on he was able to not be in the Sun and had to survive on the blood and flesh of humans episode 11 of swordsmith Village just came out today

  18. "You DEFINITELY didn't know"
    Me already knowing why Mitsuri's uniform looks like that for the 1 billionth time: -_-

  19. UrFriendYumi says:

    Fun fact I know already sooooooo yea that sucks :0

  20. Just_Lxxquii says:

    I knew all this . . . basic facts

  21. number 3 fact i never knew

  22. Aaaand this is the 13th facts abt demonslayer you didn’t know that I’ve watched today, and I’ve known all of them.

  23. RH_player says:

    I knew most of these except for the last one